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New Yorkers have been given an early gift for the holidays, courtesy of the world’s supreme overlord Amazon: one-hour alcohol delivery service. Intent on making more profit making its customers' lives easier this is the next logical step following its Prime Now one-hour delivery service unveiled last year and the introduction of its push-to-order DASH button.  

Amazon first released the one hour booze service in Seattle where the company originated. Now New Yorkers, but only those in Manhattan, have the luxury of skipping out on a dreaded beer run only made worse in upcoming winter months (it's unseasonably warm as of now—Hi, global warming!) People will have to fork over $7.99 for one-hour delivery, but if they're patient and in no particular rush, they can wait two hours and get their box of Franzia free. 

We previously surmised the one-hour alcohol service would expand to other major cities where Prime Now one-hour delivery service was available and now that New York City's made the cut members should be on the look out for the service to come to these cities next: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia.