There are some things that just don't belong on the Internet. Most things, in fact. On Monday night, or very early morning actually, a young woman dialed 911 under false pretenses to avoid getting a DUI. Feeling she had duped the cops, she proceeded to post the following message on social media: "2 mins later the cop peals out ... silly piggies tricks r for u." 

Hayley Oates was leaving Grasshopper, a New Jersey bar at around 3 AM. Drunk, she called the police and diverted their attention, claiming there was a woman being attacked in the parking lot of another local business called Mother's Ale House. The police checked the scene out and found no such occurrence. Oates was, evidentially, able to drive away drunk. 

Afterwards she posted the aforementioned bizarre and factually incorrect message—it's "silly rabbit," not "silly piggies"—and using it, the police were able to identify and then arrest her on Thursday. 

Oates is being charged with filing a false report to law enforcement and creating a false public alarm.

If anything Oates's mistake should remind everyone to be careful what they put on the Internet and to only call out cops when you're certain they're in the wrong (or when you haven't evaded arrest for a DUI). 

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