Creepier than a clown crew stalking school children and a clown lurking a cemetery at night is a clown from Florida. And that’s not just because he’s from Florida, but because he’s creepy in his own right. As only Florida could, the Sunshine state has become obsessed with this terrifying clown named “Wrinkles.” You can even say the guy’s become somewhat of a celebrity in southwest Florida, having a YouTube channel and a Google+ account dedicated to his sightings. 

Tracked down by NBC2 news, “Wrinkles” whose real identity is unknown, says he began to be a professional clown just to make some extra money and to have fun. But he’s become popular ever since people started posting videos of him, which have gone viral. Now his phone is ringing off the hook with people begging him to scare their friends or appear at parties 

“Ever since these kids put me on the internet, my phone rings nonstop,” said “Wrinkles.” “They sensationalize me and call me all kinds of things.”

If you can outscare Florida, with all of its terrifying tales, then you truly have a gift. Have a look at "Wrinkles" in action below.

[via Uproxx]