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Sure. A lot of us try to be cool. A lot of us try very hard, actually. But Jesse Jane McParland, a 9-year-old Irish martial arts virtuoso from County Armagh, most certainly takes the cake as the most indisputably badass individual currently operating today. McParland, seen terrifying and impressing an audience with her sword-wielding abilities in the clip above, is a six-time World Karate & Kickboxing Commission world champion. According to the San Francisco Globe, she’s also a three-time World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes world champion.

McParland, whose nickname is the fitting "JJ Golden Dragon," landed even more global attention when she performed during the most recent season of Britain’s Got Talent and promptly reached the finals. "Not every girl dreams of being a princess," McParland awesomely asserts on her Facebook page. JJ Golden Dragon even served as the inspiration for an animated short documenting her sheer badassery:

Step it up, adults. Kids are out here killing it right now.