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Here's a hip new millennial term to learn: hacktivism. That's what happened when a group of tech-savvy social justice warriors exposed alleged KKK members and their racist social media posts. However, not all hackers are alike and some appear to do it just for kicks. Just ask the San Jose officials who say their police department and city’s websites were targeted several times over the past week.

City spokesman David Vossbrink told Mashable the cyber attacks began last Thursday via a distributed denial of service attack or DDoS. Basically, hackers flooded the website’s traffic and forced it to shut down. "We had intermittent interruptions over following several days," he said. "Mostly a matter of annoying inconvenience for staff and public users trying to access our websites for information."

Officials aren’t sure why they were attacked and no arrests have been made. However, they also maintain that no data was breached so the hacks were more of a short-term annoyance. Maybe next time they should go after old Myspace accounts and permanently erase those embarrassing pics from yesteryear.