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Remember Pixar's Finding Nemo about a lost clown fish with a bunk fin who gets separated from his dad and nearly murdered by a sadist adolescent in braces? (Yeah...uh, me neither?) America's favorite daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres—who played the voice of Nemo's forgetful sidekick—just dropped the trailer for the sequel, Finding Dory, and honestly it looks pretty great. (The first installment received a near-perfect 99 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes; we also included it on our list of 50 best animated movies of all time.)

Dory, you may or may not remember from watching Nemo, is a Pacific Blue Tang with a severe (and if we're being honest kind of sad) case of short-term memory loss. In the new flick she'll take center stage. Those who saw the first film will recall she's been separated from her family for an undisclosed period of time and naturally cannot remember where they are (or for that matter, if they even exist).

So based on what the trailer has hinted at, Dory's memory seems to have taken a turn for the better and dropped some breadcrumbs about where they may be. It appears Dory's "sleep-swimming" has unlocked something to help her find her fam.

This all looks very heartwarming and you should probably make plans to take your kid, niece, nephew, or whomever else you can feign a favor for to see it in theaters yourself. Check out the trailer above.