A year ago Annie Schmutz Seifullah was fired from her job as principal of Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology in Long Island City, Queens. She was found to have racy photos on her school computer, a product of the Department of Education (DOE). Although she was banned from working with students, Seifullah was recently found to be teaching at Automotive High School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

After the New York Post looked into it, DOE officials admitted that Seifullah should have been "reassigned away from students" and called her position at Automotive High School, one of New York City's worst schools, an error. 

The school is now looking to fire Seifullah, whose school computer was turned over and found to have photos of her in black lingere. The computer also revealed that Seifullah had been sending sexually explicit photos using the school property. Seifullah was investigated after a parent, who she was dating, came forward with information. Why exactly she was able to slip through the cracks and able to teach again remains a mystery.

It's a particularly surprising move because Automotive is under strict watch and will be handed over to the state if it doesn't improve this year. As a result, Principal Caterina Lafergola was put in charge of a special hiring committee and should have vetted Seifullah before hiring her.

Still, the DOE insists the whole thing was just an error.