Street Fighter II is the greatest fighting game of all time, hands down. And as well as it's perfectly designed fighters and gameplay, it also has some of the most iconic game music ever—so now video game music label Brave Wave have announced that they are dropping a deluxe vinyl 'Definitive' version of the soundtrack  later this year.

Hardcore Street Fighter enthusiasts and video game geeks can rejoice as this definitive version means that it’ll be packing more features and extras that’ll hit harder than a ‘shoryuken’ from Ken Masters. The CD will contain almost three hours of music whilst the vinyl will have over two hours of music, which will be spread across four 180-gram discs. Both versions will also be able to download a digital version of the soundtrack that will include 100-plus songs.

The soundtrack will contain the original music from the first soundtrack and their re-mastered counterparts. While it may seem a little excessive to the general public, for those very much into their music and video game culture it's very intricate detail, additionally these restoration tracks have been approved by both Capcom and the Street Fighter II's original composer, Yoko Shinmoura.

Here's a preview that compares the remastered Dee Jay Theme against a previous release...

And another preview that compares the remastered Dee Jay theme with yet another previous release:

With the impending release of Street Fighter V out later next year the definitive soundtrack is a must-have for any self-respecting fanboy of the godfather of all 'beat-em up' games .