How loud is too loud? Though previous weed scholars have attempted to solve such a riddle, the answer still remains as mysterious ever. Thankfully, Over the Moon owner Damien DiStefano and his Detroit team of medical marijuana connoisseurs have been brave enough to continue their thankless quest for the loudest loud in all the land. When presented with some fresh Platinum Girl Scout Cookies created by respected grower and Grammy-nominated producer Filthy Rockwell on the new episode of Motor City High, the team immediately races to achieve new heights which is definitely a horrible pun about getting high. The infamous Trick Trick even drops in. 

As always, DiStefano is tasked with proving the potential highability of Filthy's possible producta profoundly loud 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid. But will Platinum Girl Scout Cookies actually meet the 12 percent threshold required of all officially recognized medical marijuana in DetroitWill it qualify for a position in the highly coveted 20 percent club?

Hint: "That smells like a skunk's ass."