Three 17-year-old boys arraigned in a Long Island court this week are accused of hacking into their school's computer system to change their grades, and admittedly, that sounds pretty awesome, until you realize they're now facing legit prison sentences. 

Daniel Soares, who authorities called the "mastermind," allegedly broke into their high school and put a key logger on a teacher's computer to steal passwords, NBC New York reported. 

After that he allegedly changed several of his grades, including a 94 that he changed to a 100, which just seems greedy, but OK. There were also changes made to the class schedules of about 300 students, which is how the school first noticed something was going on. 

The other boys, Alex Mosquera and Erick Vaysman, are accused of asking Soares to change their grades or schedules for them and face charges of computer tampering and criminal solicitation and computer trespass.

Soares is reportedly facing 11 years if he's convicted, while both of the other boys face a maximum sentence of four years in prison, according to CBS News.