Is that the sound of someone reacting to low, low prices on Archer Farms spicy six-grain tortilla chips in aisle nine (delicious!), or is that a probably fake orgasm I hear? 

Customers at a Target in Campbell, California had their ears assaulted by the latter on Wednesday when the sweet sounds of porn were suddenly broadcast over the store's sound system, according to a report from

One woman/hero had the presence of mind to pull out her phone and record a little bit of the action.


She described the scene to the website like this: 

"People offered to help me cover my twins' ears. Others threw their stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked… for about two minutes before it started up again."

A Target spokesperson told the San Francisco Chronicle that the company was actively investigating the incident. 

So whether it was some manager who hit the wrong button while spending a little quality alone time in the office, some disgruntled former cashier/hacker, or some completely different situation, we'll have to wait to find out. 



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