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Yesterday, we published a long feature catching up with Heidi and Spencer Pratt, those people from The Hills that you loved to hate about a decade ago. The story touched on what life's like for the couple, years removed from being the biggest villains in America, how they feel about the past, what they're cooking up for the future, and what happens when Heidi and Spencer drink a lot of tequila.

The couple definitely didn't hold back when talking to us—and they talked a lot. So much so that there was a bunch of stuff we weren't able to include in the feature—for example, all the random stories they told us from back when they were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. The anecdotes were so entertaining—like, just imagine a stubbly-faced Spencer running up on Kanye West—that we couldn't let them just wither away on a transcript. So here they are. 

[Note: all of these stories are unconfirmed.]