A new dating app is making it easier for you to hookup with the hottie you locked eyes with at the grocery store, or perhaps the daredevil you recklessly drove alongside in traffic, and maybe even connect with that one special person you met once some 40-odd-years ago who could’ve been the one. Serendipity sure could've benefited from the app, though it would’ve made the film exponentially shorter.

A step beyond the Craigslist “missed connections” section, RedPost is the app billing itself as “a second chance for love at first sight.” RedPost allows users to post details of the meeting, and even include a picture and location. Kenn Viselman, creator of RedPost, said “anybody that was within a proximity of 50 feet of that space will get a notification in their phone.”

RedPost user Thomas Seay called the app “amazing” after meeting a guy in West Hollywood, CA.. “I connected the next day,” said Seay. “I sent him a message and he sent me one back and he’s like ‘Ohh I remember you.’” 

The app is available for free on iTunes and will soon be available on Android.

[via CBS Los Angeles]

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