Texas — the gift that keeps on giving.

After playing a romantic game of reckless driving with "the beautiful girl in the beige car," a Texas truck driver decided to forego the seedy underbelly of the Missed Connections section of CraigsList — opting instead for a homemade road sign that included his phone number alongside the following message:

"To the beautiful girl in the beige car, I'm the guy in the black truck."

Poetry, really. As you might expect, the truck driver has received a large amount of calls and texts (absolutely none of which are the beautiful girl in the beige car). I'm rooting for the guy, though — based solely on his self-proclaimed qualifications for a worthy partner. "She might turn out to be super cool," he told the Houston Chronicle. "Or, if she doesn't speak proper English or chews with her mouth open, that will be the end of that date."

Never change, Texas.