Do you remember seeing your first Goosebumps book in the supermarket checkout line or Scholastic Book Fair? The feeling that something terrible—or terribly awesome!—was hidden in the pages of Night of the Living Dummy or Monster Blood? Kids these days may have The Hunger Games, but they'll never understand the spooky joy of staying up all night exploring Camp Nightmare

Whether you followed the series for its entire run or, like most of us, stopped somewhere in the 30s, R.L. Stine continued to write the horror fiction novellas at an incredible pace from 1992 through 1997. (Seriously, the guy was a machine.) Twenty-two years after the release of the first volume, a spin-off series, and a television show, we decided to look back and rank all 62 of the original series below. Try not to get too scared, and tell us your own favorites in the comments.