Today is election day in Canada and last night comedian John Oliver spent a good chunk of his half-hour late night show trying to convince Canadians NOT to vote for incumbent prime minister, Stephen Harper.

The host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight lambasted the Canadian federal election, poked fun at the length of the current election campaign (which is historically the longest ever), and the many controversial riding candidates, but he used most of his time on Sunday night denouncing incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“Don’t be deceived by his bland exterior. Where there is banality there is evil,” Oliver told the audience.“For instance, Harper’s government has passed numerous laws weakening Canada’s environment protection, they have scaled back health care for some refugees – which a federal court called cruel and unusual – and Harper himself has taken an extremely strong position on marijuana.”

Cut to a clip of the Prime Minister claiming that there was “overwhelming and growing scientific evidence” that marijuana “is infinitely worse” than tobacco.

“Are you high? Marijuana is not worse that tobacco. The only context which that is true is aesthetic.”

Harper’s stance on marijuana, however, pales in comparison to his “pandering to Islamophobes,” as Oliver put it before blasting the Conservative government’s controversial stance on the niqab.

Amazingly enough, it’s against Canadian law for anyone outside of the country to tell Canadians how to vote in any Canadian election. Section 331 of the Canada Elections Act states, “No person who does not reside in Canada shall…induce electors to…vote for or refrain from voting for a particular candidate.” And it comes with a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and six months in jail.

“I guess what you’re saying, then, Canada, is do you want to dance?” before taking out a wad of $5,000 in Canadian cash and telling his Canadian audience not to vote for Stephen Harper. Joining Oliver for his revelation? A beaver mascot playing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” on a keyboard, a moose mascot receiving a colonoscopy courtesy of Canadian single-payer health care, and the one and only Mike Myers dressed as a Mountie riding a snow plow.

“I love Canada. But the fact that it has a law banning outsiders from telling Canadians how to vote is one of the least Canadian things possible,” Myers said. “Oh, and don’t vote for Stephen Harper.”

“Don’t do it, and I’ll tell you why: Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black people,” added Oliver, in a nod to Kanye West’s infamous 2005 George W. Bush rant in front of Myers.

“Oh God! Not again!” Myers exclaimed.

Oliver then corrected himself. “Sorry, what I meant to say was: Stephen Harper doesn’t care about Muslim people!”

No word yet on whether or not Oliver will be fined. Now get out there and vote, Canada!