When Boston resident Jase Dillan noticed a guy reportedly filming women’s "crotches and backsides" without their knowledge, she quickly decided to take matters into her own hands. "As I was approaching my vehicle, I noticed a man with a camera," Dillan tells Cosmopolitan of the incident, which reportedly took place on Thursday afternoon near Newbury Street. "When he saw that I stopped short, he flipped around and tried to conceal the camera."

Dillan, who works as a musician downtown, then got into her vehicle and watched the apparent creep "for about 10 minutes," during which she witnessed the unidentified individual zooming in on women’s crotch areas. "When they walked by, he would nonchalantly turn and zoom in on their asses." Dillan then witnessed the man film two "very obviously" underage girls who she says "couldn’t have been older than 12 or 13," at which point she contacted the Boston Police Department.

"Then I decided I wasn’t just going to let this guy get away," Dillan says, adding that she then started following the man on foot. "I started getting closer. He sort of caught on and that’s when he took off. I followed for about five blocks." This following ultimately resulted in an on-camera confrontation, during which the individual attempted to delve into baffling legal semantics and refused to reveal the purpose of his reportedly secretive filming of "about 8 to 10 women," two of which Dillan identified as adolescents. "Technically it is not illegal," Dillan notes. "It is perfectly legal to film a clothed woman, but does it make it right when you’re zooming in on crotch and asses? No. It does not."