Probably inspired by Pornhub’s philanthropic efforts, retired porn star Rocco Siffredi a.k.a. the other “Italian Stallion,” is open for business with the “Siffredi Hard Academy” where Siffredi will teach 21 aspiring adult film stars—but not Kim Davis. The academy’s training will be documented in the reality show Porn University

The 51-year-old porn veteran, who has starred in over 1,300 films, handpicked the students (7 women and 14 men) out of thousands to teach them different techniques and skills needed for the industry, like how to position oneself in front of a camera. 

Siffredi, a married father-of-two, quit performing earlier this year to save his marriage, but still directs and produces adult films. What a pro. PU students will definitely get more bang for their buck.  

[via Bro Bible]