Marijuana advocates have argued that alcohol has a more devastating effect on the brain, and LSD crusaders might soon be joining them on team #AlcoholIsWorse. Both substances were put to the test in an entertaining and informative video uploaded by user PsychedSubstance, and the results were overwhelmingly pro-LSD.

In the clip, he completes a series of challenges that include drawing, dancing, squatting and eating fast food. He also parked a car under the influence of LSD, but refused to do so while drunk. Pro-tip: both actions are illegal.

Although he seemed happy and content after taking acid, he admits to being “rude” and “abusive” toward his girlfriend while under the influence of alcohol. Who knew that alcohol was such a downer?

PsychedSubstance’s other drug challenges include "Shrooms versus Alcohol" and "Weed versus DMA (Molly)." Watch at your own risk and remember, don’t try this at home.