This week in blatant racism, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Jack Kelly wrote what is possibly the worst and most offensive piece of writing I have seen all year. His so-far-up-his-ass ignorant article is titled "Remnants of slavery," and it is immediately objectionable from its sub-headline: "White guilt is not helping black America." Hmm, OKAY, tell us more, white man (before you call me out for making assumptions, don't worry, I looked him up and I can confirm that he is indeed a white man):

Jack Kelly, who somehow has a legitimate job for a legitimate paper, penned an op-ed Sunday night (which I refuse to link) in which he basically states that slavery does not impact black people in the United States today. WELL ISN'T THAT A TAKE. He also goes on to say that we should eradicate white guilt altogether because, even though slavery was bad back then, that's a thing of the past, and we should move on. He excuses (read: defends) American slavery, stating that slaves in the South were "treated less harshly than in most other places where slavery has been practiced"—as if that makes slavery okay. As if the cruelty of inhumane treatment is something to be measured on a scale (It was bad, but other things were worse! So this is okay!). He also states that because 400,000 Union soldiers died during the Civil War, this debt is paid for by white American ancestors. In other words, he thinks it has nothing to do with any of us anymore.

The idea that slavery was a standalone event with no future repercussions is an egregiously ignorant statement, and the fact that this piece got a credible platform is just as maddening. (Are there even editors there? Who okay'ed this??) He not only delegitimizes the aftermath of slavery, but he also downplays the current climate of racism, which is, unfortunately, very much alive and kicking.

Below is one of the most infuriating sections of the piece:

Yes, you read that right. Jack Kelly thinks that slavery may have even been beneficial because the white man came to save them from Africa. Even though they were stolen from their homes, mistreated and abused like property, they should be thankful—otherwise how would they even enjoy this beautiful and free land called America? *Screams into a void.* He also shifts the blame from white guilt to these "black racists" who need to "stop preying" upon white people to blame their problems. Take a fucking seat, Jack Kelly.