A man arrested by the Australian Federal Police in connection with the importation of 100kg of cocaine has claimed he knew nothing about the drugs and thought he was meeting with someone over some paid work as a painter. 

67 year-old Jordan Antic was arrested in a Gold Coast cafe during the AFP raid, where authorities claim he was awaiting a drop of 40kg of coke. Antic's lawyers however have countered that the man was just in the cafe to hook up a paint job and knew nothing about the drugs.

The arrest came after 100kg of coke was shipped from South America to the Gold Coast. That means it sailed over the Pacific, to be specific. The AFP raided the yacht on August 24, seizing 30kg of powder. A further 40kg was found in a car at the Gold Coast cafe, before a more extensive search of the yacht at a later date revealed another 30kg.

Surprisingly, the judge didn’t buy Antic’s paint story, locking him up with no bail before a follow up appearance in court on November 23. Some guys just can't catch a break.