Remember Batkid (Miles Scott), the five-year-old leukemia patient who-thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation-spent the day saving San Francisco? Well, Canada just granted the wish of its own mini superhero (who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and she really loves Spider-Man.

When the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada asked Mable Tooke of Edmonton, Alberta what she wanted, she chose to step into the shoes of the masked hero bitten by a radioactive spider. According to People, the six-year-old was awakened on Monday morning to starling news relayed via a parody telecast: Edmonton Oilers hockey captain Andrew Ference has been kidnapped and they need Spider-Mable to save him.

Mable quickly headed to City Hall where she met with Mayor Don Iveson and her new partner, Spider-Man, for a briefing on the situation. After another meeting at the Edmonton Police Station, the two heroes embarked on an adventure throughout the city to rescue the captured captain. Spoiler alert: Mable did end up saving the say and completed what she described as a “pretty cool” experience. It was the zip lining, right?

Check out the video below for the perfectly-crafted newscast.