When you come between a man goat and his coffee, there are going to be issues. So when employees at Tim Hortons in Martensville, Saskatchewan tried to convince this harmless patronlet’s call him Billyto leave their store on Saturday night, it comes as no surprise that he was less than thrilled about it.

According to the Daily Dot, the goat would appear to leave but then turn around and walk back through the automatic doors. Honestly, with all of those donuts and coffee at the ready, who would want to go? This back-and-forth went on until 4 a.m. Sunday morning when employees called in individuals equipped to handle the situationthe Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

As it turns out, the goat really wasn’t a coffee addict. He was just cold and needed a place to crash. Authorities also discovered that he had escaped from the University of Saskatchewan Rodeo and decided to return him to the owners rather than carting him off to a cell.  The "arrest" turned out to be a ride in the back of a police car, but no word on whether or not hoofcuffs handcuffs were used.


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Posted by Saskatchewan RCMP on Monday, September 28, 2015