Imagine if Frasier was still on TV today. Imagine an episode where Dr. Frasier Crane calls up his brilliantly squeamish brother Niles to invite him over for a long and rewarding day of getting blazed out of their skulls. Sadly, such an episode would be relatively impossible given the fact that pretentiousness and weed simply don't get along. Thankfully, the bold minds behind the forthcoming NYC Cannabis Film Festival are aiming to change that.

"I think the most important thing to note is the science behind cannabis,” Zach Klein, the documentarian responsible for the Cannabis Film Festival feature presentation The Scientist, tells the Village Voice. “Not only about the plant, but about our body, how our body works, it’s important to know how our brain works. I think it’s so important for everyone, not only for cannabis people, cannabis lovers, but for everyone who thinks about their health. Cannabis should be a top priority for research, as it contains the key to many of our diseases."

The festival, which takes place at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn on September 26, avoids standard weed-centered cinematic achievements in favor of short films and a healthy helping of that aforementioned pretentiousness:

Finally! To paraphrase the great Ethan Hawke (see below), being pretentious is kind of a good thing. By way of the transitive property, weed + pretentiousness = two good things: