The Apple watch might be this season's hottest iced-out, gold-plated luxury accessory, but it still has a serious flaw. A Canadian woman found out the hard way that if the watch overheats, it leaves painful burns on your wrist, the Daily Mail reports. Annie Hoang was on a road trip with her family and had been wearing her Apple watch for about seven hours. When she took it off, she noticed watch-sized burn marks on her wrist. When she took the watch back to an Apple store, the staff ignored her complaints.

On her third visit she spoke to a manager, who offered her a new watch, but she asked for a refund instead. The defective watch was sent to a lab for testing, and a few days later Hoang received an email from Apple technicians. 

They said I was wearing it wrong, too tightly, or that maybe I had a skin irritation. I'd had it for three months. If I wore it too tightly then it would have happened beforehand. I think it's because it was the first time it had been exposed to the sun.

Hoang isn't the only one who's complained of burns and skin irritation from wearing the Apple watch. When the device first came out, a few users posted pictures of burns and rashes allegedly caused by the watch.

Maybe there's something to be said for the Tom Ford-approved pocket watch version.