Sadly, as many as 1 in 3 women report having some difficulty achieving orgasm during intercourse, according to data from Planned Parenthood. For many, this disparity is perhaps due in part to the bafflingly persistent awkwardness some continue to perpetuate regarding discussions centered on orgasms. Robots will soon be serving humans at their favorite restaurants, yet the average person is downright incapable of maintaining an adult conversation about sex. Welcome to 2015!

Thankfully, a group of anonymous Tumblr users have united to tackle this issue through 71 highly varied but equally compelling anonymous essays aimed at clarifying the importance of the female orgasm. The essays, each penned by a different woman, should be considered necessary reading both collectively and individually.

Essay #66 describes the four orgasm types of which the author is personally aware, including the fake kind:

On the topic of both good and bad breast play, Essay #38 defines the difference as follows:

Essay #69 styles itself after a cookbook recipe, including preparation instructions and itemized directions in the form of a 17-step process, as excerpted below:

Peruse all 71 essays here and pass along the revelations.



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