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One of the greatest debates of our time, aside from, I suppose, how to properly rank the Kanye West discography (for the record: MBDTF, 808s & Heartbreak, The College Dropout, YeezusLate Registration, Graduation), will soon be cinematically summarized in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sure, Batman has an enviable darkness and reads-Four-Pins-possibly-twice confidence about him, but Superman is actually indestructible and a favored icon of the great American comedian poet Jerry Seinfeld.

Perhaps in an effort to prevent you from losing all that you own in a haphazard bet, resident Marvel genius Stan Lee has offered his predictions surrounding the decades-strong question: Who would win, Batman or Superman? "Superman, I think," Lee tells the Boston Herald in a recent interview. "He's indestructible and can do anything. Batman relies on weapons. The fellow who created Batman, Bob Kane, is a friend of mine, so he'd be unhappy of me saying that. At the same time, Jerry Siegel, one of the creators of Superman, used to work for me, so I have divided loyalties." When pressed a bit further to set those divided loyalties aside for a proper answer, Lee obliges. "If this is real—a fight between Batman and Superman—there's no one who should bet on Batman."

As previously reported, Lee's next legendary move in the comic lexicon is the forthcoming debut of the Silicon Valley Comic Con. Alongside Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Lee hopes to ceremoniously bring together "two of America's greatest superheroes:" pop culture and technology. The inaugural SVCC kicks off on March 19, 2016.