Sadly, the average city dweller has absolutely no clue what true silence actually feels like. The murmur of traffic and that one guy who enthusiastically shouts Future lyrics at passersby until 2 a.m. quickly become the foundation for each day's variety of noises. For decades, many have accepted constant (and largely vehicle-caused) noise as the new standard.

​However, silence (or as close as humans could ever come to silence) does exist. In fact, the possibility of achieving something even remotely similar to tranquility hit Parisians so deeply that they've started an annual Day Without Cars. As its succinct title implies, this is a day in Paris, France without cars. For twenty-four glorious hours on September 27, only the hum of bicycles and shuffling feet (and that guy still enthusiastically shouting Future lyrics at passersby) will become that foundation.

France's anti-car day is part of a growing global trend aimed at highlighting the very real possibilities of not only car-free cities, but a car-free future as well. According to Web Urbanist, Montreal, Mexico City, Bogota, and others are following France's lead by instituting similar one-day restriction events.

Meanwhile in America: