On the heels of our own Ian Servantes’ greek life takedown, following a particularly disgusting frat incident, comes alleged rape accusations against an Ohio University fraternity. But this time it’s not from one particular person, rather from an entire student organization trying to warn other students about the Acacia frat. “Not all frats!” some cry. Well, here's another example. And if you’re wondering why more women don’t come out and hold these organizations accountable its because of cases like this.

The Ohio University Student Union, a group not recognized by OU, distributed the pamphlets to incoming fall students on Sunday where they alerted students by providing “pro-tips,” with one reading:

Rape allegations against Acacia have been circling since 2014, stemming from YikYak, an anonymous social media app used on campuses. Although the allegations were taken to the Athens Police Department (the school’s located in Athens), an investigation couldn’t move forward since the information was anonymous. In response, a student organization called Fuck Rape Culture started a petition arguing the accusation was allegedly true, earning almost one thousand signatures from people who said they knew women who were allegedly drugged and raped at the aforementioned “blue house.” In fact, the organization said, “ACACIA will rape ya” was a well-known saying on campus. 

An Ohio University Student Union member, junior Ryan Powers, said in campus newspaper The Post, 

OU students have defended Acacia, including “Danielle E.” an OU sorority member who dismisses the pamphlet in a blog post for 1. Incorrectly stating the “blue house” is Acacia’s official house (it’s just a house associated with its members) 2.Seemingly making accusations against the entire frat. She said the pamphlet should've showed students how to identify if their drink had been roofied. You know, the old "learn how to not get raped." Because teaching not to rape never crosses anyone's mind.

Executive Director of Acacia’s national organization, Patrick McGovern, released a statement saying Acacia International Fraternity did an investigation that came up with “no actionable evidence.” He didn’t mention whether legal action would be taken against OUSU.

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