Take a break this morning, Florida. You too, Alabama. Hell, let's even give Mississippi the day off. Ohio is more than willing to cover your shift of providing the world with verifiable what-the-fuckery in the form of sick, twisted, and sadly unsurprising behavior from confirmed trash men who just so happen to be police officers.

Before being convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for his gross "traffic stop sex" exploits, Ohio state trooper Bryan D. Lee reportedly had a habit of scouring the internet for future victims via Craigslist. According to newly released documents obtained by Dayton Daily News, Lee used the definitely-sounds-like-a-fake-rap-name-generator-result alias "Troy Castle" to post ads on Craigslist propositioning his infamous brand of "traffic stop sex."

For reference, here are a couple of excerpts from Troy Castle's posts circa 2010:

"I am in Law Enforcement so if the idea of traffic stop sex sounds good let me know. i work today till 10 so that way you'll be back home in time. I am a real person and am looking to meet up."

"How about a cop you must fuck to get out of being arrested. if that sounds fun i can fulfill that fantasy."

Dash cam footage from a 2013 traffic stop, depicting Troy Castle Bryan D. Lee suggesting to the involved women that things of a sexual nature could happen but only when the camera was turned off, spurred an internal investigation which eventually inspired his aforementioned conviction. Further digging revealed that Lee had also stalked the women on Facebook, though easily the most disturbing entry in Lee's police career is the 2010 incident in which he gave an intoxicated woman a ride home after groping her breasts and rubbing his genitals against her body while handcuffed. According to Dayton Daily News, the victim was originally accused of fabricating her claim of sexual misconduct.



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