UPDATE 4:50 p.m.:

Comedy Central confirms that there is now nothing in development with Josh Ostrovsky, though the details surrounding that lack of involvement are a bit different than initially projected. According to EW, Comedy Central ceased their potential partnership with Ostrovsky "months ago" after a script deal failed to generate enough interest to enter the pilot stage.

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Last Thursday the Internet went into an uproar when news broke that Josh Ostrovsky​, better known as the Fat Jew, landed a deal with Creative Arts Agency and a show with Comedy Central. Upon hearing the news, comedians and social media jokesters blamed the Internet personality for stealing jokes, most notably comedy writer Maria Quint, whose tweet went viral and caused other comedians like Doug Stanhope, Michael Ian Black, and Patton Oswalt to chime in:

This has been an issue as of late and even caused Twitter to block plagiarized tweetsHis Instagram feed has 5.7 million followers and is filled with dank memes, many of which aren't sourced back to their creators. The Fat Jew reportedly makes $6,000 whenever he shouts a brand out on his account. His star is falling faster than it has risen, though. Today the Splitsider is reporting that Comedy Central has cut ties with the "comedian." The Internet will get you outta the paint faster than you can steal a joke. Sometimes life is fair. 

[via Death and Taxes]