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You don’t get paid for all of the times you post a picture of your morning Starbucks on Instagram, but then again, you’re not The Fat Jew. The Fat Jew, signed model and rosé maker, gets to charge brands for a shout-out because of his internet fame. With 5.2 million followers, the Instagram famous Josh Ostrovsky told the Financial Times in an interview that he charges brands $6,000 for social media shoutouts. And if you think that’s a lot, just know that he could be “earning a lot more.”

Some of that good content includes a Bud Light campaign for the Super Bowl this year in which he’s pictured knocking back a few cold ones as he watches his grandma tattoo a friend. 

The Fat Jew said he could’ve gone the easy route and just posed with the beer in hand, like “other big Instagrammers.” But he’s not your average joe, saying, ‘[He thought] Let's do this for real, let's make this memorable.' I take time to make this shit really good. I'm a giver."

The next thing the Fat Jew will be giving the masses? His upcoming book Money Pizza Respect

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