UPDATE 09/01/15:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has sort of (but not really) apologized for the immediate controversy surrounding her ridiculous assessment of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a "hate group." Hasselbeck, armed with a pair of hashtags clearly approved by everyone at Fox News, vomited the following:

Well, my calling @beingahumanbeing is to answer such questions with an exhausted sigh and my calling as a #HumanBeing is to #NotReduceBlackSuffering to a meandering call for a ratings boost from a demographic that still thinks Sandra Bullock deserved that Oscar for The Blind Side. I give my best to do both each day.

See original story from 08/31/15 below.

Fox News doesn’t understand the Black Lives Matter movement. Last week Larry Elder criticized an upcoming Black Lives Matter book—one he hadn’t even read yet—for teaching black people that they’re “victims.” He then criticized the fact that people protested the deaths of Michael Brown and others, because he believes the real problem at hand is black-on-black crime. Fellow Fox talking head Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized the Black Lives Matter movement today during a Fox & Friends segment saying she didn’t know why it wasn’t labeled a “hate group.” 

Hasselbeck said,

She made the outrageous comment while discussing Friday’s killing of Texas deputy Darren Goforth, a white officer, at the hands of Shannon J. Miles, a black man, whom authorities think targeted Goforth because of his uniform, despite Miles not having ties to the movement. 

Hasselbeck then tweeted the equivalent of #AllLivesMatter: 

Hasselbeck’s comments support presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s statement where he blames President Barack Obama and other senior officials for essentially riling up the Black Lives Matter movement and endangering law enforcement, like Deputy Goforth, in the process. Cruz said:

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