Language is a reflection of a people, the depths and variance of which points to the tenets of a people's most cherished aspects of human existence. Words like love, kiss, dream, hope, and happy high are crucial elements of an accurate and continued exchange otherwise known as communication. However, many have found that a quick search of before engaging in conversation has failed to warrant much-needed definitions of emotionally charged words such as butthurt, butt dial, and brain fart. Without the Oxford cosign, can you even say that shit?

Here to let you know you can say that shit, Oxford announced its latest swath of words on Thursday, including showings from the cerebral descriptors above and several other gems. Manspreading, apparently such a problem that it now warrants an Oxford nod, also enters the lexicon. Awesomesauce, weak sauce, fat-shame, fur baby, MacGyver, Mx (a gender-neutral alternative to Mr. or Ms.), and wine o'clock also made the cut.

It's worth noting that Oxford Dictionaries is the slightly less Frasier-esque branch of the Oxford word acknowledgement machine focusing on "modern language," which is hilarious given that many of these words have been used in high verbosity for years. It's also worth noting that a word like "butthurt" is low-key offensive and usually only used by people who look and act like this.