It's hard to believe this is a thing, but it's most definitely a thing: Ash from the 1981 cult classic Evil Dead is coming back, this time to a small screen near you. In the upcoming Starz show Ash vs. Evil Dead (premiering Oct. 31, appropriately), Bruce Campbell reprises his role, 34 years later, with original Evil Dead director Sam Raimi as co-creator. 

Ash, who once looked like this...

Now looks like... THIS:

Oh yeah, and he's ready to slay more of the evil dead. The show revolves around a Deadite plague and Ash rising to the challenge to save all of mankind. But it involves a lot of silliness (in true Raimi fashion), including Ash trying to fit into—what is that, a corset? (We saw a glimpse of that in an earlier trailer.) According to this new one, he's looking for that one spell "to undo this B.S. once and for all." Can this show deliver? We'll find out soon. For now, watch the new trailer above (warning: LOTS OF BLOOD AND STABBING).