Donald Trump really went full-on Friday Night Lights with his rally in Mobile, Ala. On Friday night, no less than 30,000 supporters from as far away as California and Florida turned up in Mobile to listen to Trump ramble about how he'll fix America. The crowd didn't quite fill Ladd-Peebles Stadium, which seats 43,000, CNN reports.

Trump's manic monologue and bright red "Make America Great Again" hat were terrifying enough, but the scariest part of the rally was a Trump supporter, who had some words of advice for him:

“Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill,’ ” said Jim Sherota, 53, who works for a landscaping company. “That’d be one nice thing.”

Hours before the rally started, hundreds of Trump supporters had formed a line that snaked around the venue, according to the New York Times. Some had lined up as early as 6 a.m. for the 5 p.m. event—that's a full 11 hours in line just to see Trump speak. The hype was so huge that Mobile's mayor issued a press release about parking, shuttles, and weather in preparation.

Trump did his best to appeal to the Alabama crowd by talking about other politicians who "don't have a clue," how much he loves the Bible, and the huge wall he'll build at the Mexico border. Strangely, he didn't mention a bounty-hunting plan for illegal immigrants—even Trump isn't that deranged.