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There are a lot of ways to show that you care about your relationship—moving in with your partner, meeting family, finally popping the big question. That's all fine and dandy, but one couple decided to take it a step further and commemorate their undying love for each other by dressing up like undying zombies. Another did Star Wars

That's all thanks to a Singapore-based photographer who goes by Mezame (which means "awakening" in Japanese), who started offering his creative services last 2013. Since then, Mezame and his financee MizDesert (both use superhero names professionally) have worked together to arrange and shoot pop culture-inspired wedding albums for nearly a dozen couples. 

"We were not afraid to have the couple fight each other," Mezame told South China Morning Post, describing how he directed the Star Wars photo shoot. (It had a happy ending.) Mezame uses smoke machines, water guns, pyrotechnics, and lots of photo-editing to make the couples' photos really come to life. 

"I want the shots to be unique, to look different from others," he told the SCMP. It's safe to say he's succeeded. Check out other photo shoots here.

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