More than a year after he was in a terrible car accident that led to health complications, a lengthy lawsuit, and the worry he may never be able to act again, Tracy Morgan was seen driving around New York City this weekend.

Fox 5 anchor Steve Lacy took this picture of Morgan a Lamborghini on 5th Avenue last Saturday, TMZ reports. In it, Morgan flashes a smirk and a peace sign.

Lacy shouted out Morgan on Facebook and wrote that the actor told him he's being "careful behind the wheel":

Does it get more On Brand than this?! I spotted Tracy Morgan driving a Lamborghini this weekend in Manhattan. I spoke with him briefly. He said he was feeling well and when I said I loved the car he said 'thanks' and that he was being careful behind the wheel. As a huge Tracy Morgan fan it was so great to see him back out in public and feeling better. Much love Tracy! 

Last month, Morgan said he was happy with the settlement for the victim's family, in his first on-air interview since the crash.

[via TMZ]