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Though Drake swiftly absorbed any possible shine on Friday with the Apple Music exclusive release of the absurdity-embracing "Energy" (alongside an onslaught of additional news), the death of a local raccoon made some emotional waves of its own following a bizarrely delayed response from local Animal Services workers.

On Thursday, a Toronto resident informed local officials of a reportedly deceased raccoon via Twitter:

Though the city's Twitter response would certainly imply an equally swift real-life response, that was sadly not the case. Several hours later, the late raccoon remained — having gained a note of spiritual support during the wait:

Of course, the internet never sleeps — slowly uniting behind the forgotten raccoon with a makeshift memorial:

Shortly after, a proper hashtag was born with #deadraccoonto — inspiring Toronto citizens far and wide to express a somber farewell to the anonymous raccoon while also stoking the fires of frustrations reserved for the increasingly delayed response from Animal Services:

As the fateful day neared 8 p.m., residents stopped by the memorial to sign a condolences card and bestow upon the deceased a modest assortment of small gifts. Disappointed with the increasingly embarrassing delay, City Councillor Norm Kelly dropped an impressive Drake reference — mere hours before the oddly hypnotizing "Energy" video was released:

Unsurprisingly, the Drake reference seemed to place a new sense of urgency on local Animal Services — with the ridiculously belated pick-up occurring roughly 14 hours after the initial request:

Rest in peace, Toronto's Very Own.