During the early hours on Thursday, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to remove the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. The vote comes after some 13 hours of deliberation, marking a continued historical shift from the state's previous stance on the flag as early as 60 years ago — when SC distastefully placed the flag at its Statehouse to protest the Civil Rights Movement. "South Carolina can remove the stain from our lives," said 64-year-old Rep. Joe Neal, a Democrat initially elected in 1992. "I never thought in my lifetime I would see this."

As previously reported, the South Carolina State Senate approved the bill to remove the flag on Monday — thus passing it to the House. Following Thursday's victory, the bill will now head directly to Governor Nikki Haley — whose previous remarks on the Confederate flag made her announcement early Thursday an unsurprising though wholly satisfying conclusion to the battle:

The battle to remove the Nazi backup flag elsewhere in the country has proven more difficult, at least in Florida — where Marion County commissioners embarrassed themselves in front of the rest of the world by voting unanimously to put the flag back up.