"Attention passengers the captain has now turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, and if you have any weed, that's cool bros," you might (but probably won't) hear a flight attendant saying soon. 

But seriously, if you're boarding an airplane in Oregon, you really can legally bring your weed with you, according to UPI (via Gawker).

You don't even have to do that thing where you stand in line staring at the police K-9 from a distance, palms sweating and heart pounding until you give up, run-walk to the men's room, and tearfully flush the dimebag hidden between your butt cheeks. You can just get on the plane with that weed right in your pocket. 

If a TSA agent finds a passenger with marijuana, the local police will be notified to ensure it is within the legal weight limit (up to an ounce), the passenger is of legal age to carry the drug (21) and the boarding pass indicates an in-state flight. If everything checks out, the passenger is free to travel.

Of course you can't fly to another state with weed (yet), but if you're taking a quick flight from Portland to ... um ... one of the other places in Oregon, you're good to go. 

Oregon's new recreational marijuana laws went into effect on July 1.