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Toronto dumpsters were left half open today. A way to show their love for yet another citizen taken too soon.

After failing to dispose of a dead raccoon, Torontonians witnessed the birth of a viral star on the curb of a busy, downtown sidewalk.

Passersby noticed the poor critter yesterday morning, when its lifeless body occupied a rather busy section of the city. Laid out on its back, the creature gathered more and more love on social media. And whether you find it disrespectful, or claim comedic gold, people began to add onto a growing vigil. Flowers, candles and even a framed picture, all appeared beside the raccoon’s corpse. Then, a slip of paper with the hasthtag #DeadRaccoonTO, appeared and blew up on social media.

And, like with anything nowadays, the memes ensued.

A wave of Twitter users mobilized to shame Animal Services for their continuing ignorance of the situation. After 14 long hours, a city worker was finally dispatched, and the star was rolled into a new burial ground.

Fare thee well our furry friend. While you were a nuisance in life, you were immortalized in death. May you find eternal peace in animal Valhalla.