Have you ever tried to explain Game of Thrones to a friend? And they get very confused and ask a million questions like, wait, who's this person, and who's that person, and how are they related again? Okay, just make it really easy for them (or really, really difficult)—tell them every character is Nicolas Cage

Sure, that would be truly insane—but that's what one Reddit user made it seem like when he photoshopped Nicolas Cage's face on every major character from the HBO show. Meet Cage of Thrones.

Tyrion Lannister? He's Nicolas Cage. Ramsay Bolston? Nicolas Cage. Daenerys Targaryen? Yup, Nicolas Cage. 

It's unclear why the Internet has collectively chosen Cage to be its universal meme—but put his face on anything, it's suddenly hilarious. (Does Cage know about this? What does he think? HAS ANYONE TRIED TO REACH NIC FOR COMMENT?!) Either way, his face does really fit nicely onto some of these characters. The Internet may be on to something.

Anyway, enjoy more Cage of Thrones here.