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The trailer for Steven Spielberg's latest is out, and it's lit. Bridge of Spies tells the chilling story of an insurance lawyer who becomes entangled in U.S.-Soviet relations when he is called to represent a Russian spy in court. This is during the Cold War, so everyone is wary of James Donovan (played by the ineffable Tom Hanks) and his family, but what the public doesn't know that the American government hired Donovan to give the Soviet his day in court, so that they could exchange him for the release of a captured American spy.

Collider reports that the script for Bridge of Spies comes from Joel and Ethan Coen (who can literally do no wrong) and Matt Charman. Collider also applauds the choice for Hanks as Donovan, an average citizen who comes to stand for a much greater cause: "Hanks, of course, is the prototypical Hollywood everyman who can bring relatability to the grandest concepts, and it looks like this could be his best performance of the last decade."

So this looks like an incredible project on all fronts: from director, to writers, to actors. The movie also stars Amy Ryan as Donovan's wife, and Mark Ryland as the Soviet spy. Bridge of Spies will be in theaters October 16. 

Watch the trailer above. 

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