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The past few days have proven joyously historic for two seemingly disparate items of note in America — marriage equality and the virus often known as Donald Trump. On Friday, the Supreme Court announced that marriage equality must now be honored in all 50 states — a profound move which sent a riveting message of hope to citizens all across the country. The news provided a contagiously potent natural high, which the country seemed to carry with it through the weekend.

On Monday, still reeling from Friday's historic announcement, the country was gifted with the far less important (though certainly joyous) news that Trump was finally (finally!) being properly dumped by NBC in the wake of his improbably stupid remarks on immigration. Of course, Trump is reportedly responding with a lawsuit — which he announced via a slew of Trumpisms — but the fact still stands: Trump got dumped.

Thankfully, outgoing Daily Show titan Jon Stewart found a way to expertly weave both of these stories together (see above) on Monday's broadcast. Succinctly destroying the (predictably intellect-free) Republican response to the Supreme Court's protection of marriage equality, Stewart roped in clips from an interview CNN conducted with Trump. During the interview, CNN asks Trump about how he could possibly consider his multiple marriages to be more "traditional" than same-sex marriage. Trump agrees, saying that anyone who utilized that comparison would "have a very good point."

"Even a man pathologically predisposed to not understand other people's points of view unless it is labeled Trump," Stewart says, "even he gets it!"