Speaking on Wednesday during the Cannes Lions festival in France, Kim Kardashian exhibited no signs of a profound loss of sleep thanks to a particularly insistent fellow hotel guest. "There was a woman knocking on a hormonal pregnant woman’s door, namely me, at 4 in the morning," Kim tells the audience. "[She wasn't] knocking but banging and kicking, and I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. And she was naked." Kim echoed these sentiments of frustration on Twitter early Wednesday:

Kim's Cannes discussion on Wednesday centered around the blistering success of her slightly meta take on mobile games — your former, current, and/or permanent obsession Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. "Gaming is typically a men’s world," Kim tells the Cannes crowd. "Most of the games are male-driven, so I feel excited we brought a female fan base to the gaming and to the tech world. I hope that this brings other opportunities for women in this field."

Speaking on her initial hesitance surrounding the gaming industry, Kim cites her husband Kanye West as the person who provided the boost of confidence needed for such an endeavor. "I had just had my daughter and I just wasn’t sure I really wanted to be working this much," says Kim. "I wanted to be sure I could give it 100 percent. It was actually my husband that talked me into it, he loves video games."

As previously announced, Kim and Kanye are currently expecting their second child.