Early last month Suicide Squad released its first cast photo of its band of degenerates, and fans cried foul about Jared Leto's Joker missing. Amidst the hysteria, the absence of Common was overlooked. And now that the paparazzi have finally stolen a glance of his character, we realize he might be one of the biggest badasses in the entire cast. 

COMMON on the set of #SuicideSquad!! I guess he's not Green Lantern, but who the hell is he?!? pic.twitter.com/aNBtCn3t4E

— Superhero Central (@SuperCentralWeb) June 11, 2015

Common in 'Suicide Squad' -- Definitely Black, But Black Manta?? (PHOTO) http://t.co/zRGaFhxjUO

— TMZ (@TMZ) June 11, 2015

On-set photos reveal Common as the rap-game act-game Dennis Rodman, covered in tats, piercings, and a red goatee. He'd been rumored to play Aquaman's enemy Black Manta, but that doesn't appear to be the case now. The most likely role, as THR pointed out, is Tattooed Man... for obvious reasons. Bronze Tiger is another option, as he could become covered in tats much like Leto's Joker. 

Whoever Common is, he's nailing the villain look.