Overdosing on marijuana isn't really a thing for humans, but apparently dogs don't enjoy as great of a relationship with the drug. A pooch named Max in Colorado overdosed on weed after discovering and devouring an edible hidden in some tall grass, 7News Denver reports. The dog's owner didn't realize what it was chewing on until Max started twitching and was unable to walk, stand, or control its bladder. 

A veterinarian determined Max had consumed a poisonous amount of THC and probably wouldn't have survived had he not weighed 100 pounds. The THC level was so high it couldn't have come from a plant and most likely had to be from an edible. By the time the dog was out of the vet's office it racked up a $1,600 bill. 

According to a study by Colorado veterinarians, two dogs have died from consuming marijuana-infused butter.