Do you waste a lot of time on the internet? Of course you do—and you might as well pack it in right now because we're about to introduce you to a brand new obsession. is arguably the most popular video game digital distributor on the net. Known for huge discounts during its Summer and Winter sales, it's a way for poor gamers to stock up on cheap games. It also has this crazy thing called "Free-to-Play" games where players can enjoy most of the content for free, but can purchase premium features if they like. In this format, destitute gamers can enjoy hundreds of hours of free entertainment by mooching off the players who actually do pay for premium content in those games. But if you missed Steam's latest sale (it sadly, ended yesterday), and you've got next to nothing in your Steam wallet, you can still buy several games for virtually nothing, while rewarding the developers with a hard-earned pittance. Let's start playing and stop talking—here are ten of the best games on Steam that can be bought for less than a dollar year-round.