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YouTube star and model Cassandra Bankson (aka DiamondsAndHeels14) went to the doctor for back pain and came out with two vaginas. Ok, she always had two vaginas. She just walked out aware of them for the first time. 

The condition is known as uterus didelphys. Bankson has two vaginas, two wombs, two cervixes, and just one kidney. You may be asking, "How could she not notice she has two vaginas?" The answer is very easily because she still has just one vaginal opening. 

Bankson's condition has caused heavy bleeding and debilitating​ cramps, as well as periods that last longer than normal or occur twice a month. She said it can also cause women to experience either heightened pleasure or pain from sex, depending on the case. 

Watch the video below to see Bankson use her nose as an analogy. 

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